Beauty & Wellness Training Programs

The Indian beauty industry is presently estimated to be over Rs.12,000 crores and growing at a rate of over 35%, which is much faster than several other sectors. It is fast growing as a lucrative career choice for many graduates and professionals. In a recent development, several IIT/IIM graduates & celebrities came together to set up chain of spas, indicating the kind of talent this industry is now attracting. Considering the stupendous of the industry, it is not surprising to see the huge demand for highly trained beauty and hair professionals. That brings us to the important question as to how does one choose a good beauty training school .

There are few important parameters which prospective students should consider.

     1) Curriculum: Aadit Systems offer industry-relevant curriculum. One of the best ways to verify this to check whether the curriculum is aligned to well-known national/international standards. We follow very high standards of safety and hygiene as well as treatment procedures followed in world.

     2) Accreditation: Aadit Systems is adhering to industry standards and is expected to maintain certain quality standard to retain their accreditation. We are having accreditation from central government of india.

     3) Infrastructure: Aadit Systems is having enough space for students to have their theory and practical sessions without feeling claustrophobic. We are having access to library books is an added advantage. Aadit Systems is having very high emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene; and, state-of-the-art equipment for beauty treatments.

     4) Trainer quality: Quality of training depends a lot on quality of trainers. Aadit Systems have an array of full time trainers in our system who are not only knowledgeable and have relevant qualifications.

     5) Hands-on practise: In more ways than one, beauty training is very different from other training. It requires plenty of hands-on training for students to gain confidence. Aadit Systems has a mechanism or system in place to provide for students to gain enough practical knowledge. We are having well equipped lab for all types of beauty trainings.

     6) Emphasis on all round growth: For succeeding in a career in the beauty industry, it is not enough that the you should train on technical skills alone. Today, the industry is very demanding and expects beauty professionals to follow corporate norms of grooming and have sound customer service skills that reflect its professional image. Aadit Systems have training sessions dedicated to grooming, customer service and communication skills. These are very essential for student success.

Our Training Programmes

S.No. Course
1 Skin Care Treatment (Body Waxing, Body Polish, Body Massage, Hair Removal)
2 Salon Services (Styling, Hair Color, Hair Spa, Straightening/Perm)
3 Bridal Services (Pre-Packege, Complete Package, Facials, Waxing)
4 Hair Removal Services (Strip Waxing, Bleach Waxing, Body Waxing, Threading)
5 Facial (Simple, Fruit, Shahnaz, Silver, Pearl, Mint Cool, Insta, Choco, Nitco, Gold, Diamond, Anti ance Facials)
6 Body Massage (Aroma Therapy, Atharva Back Revival, Aroma Thai)
7 Bleach (Alovera, Fruit, Haldi Chandan, Mango, Oxy, Gold, Gold Oxy Bleaches)
8 Manicure
9 Pedicure
10 Hair Treatment

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