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The need for plumbing services arises for maintenance of public health and environmental requirements emanating from the water industry and the need for proper sanitation. Of the many key activities carried out in the Construction sector, Plumbing is one of the main constituents which also has a direct linkage with other ancillary industries manufacturing Plumbing related Products viz. Water treatment, Sewage and Drainage, Fire Safety, Supply of Gas, Heating and Cooling Systems, Industrial Waste Management, and Air-Conditioning etc.

Size of the plumbing sector is directly proportional to the size of the Construction Sector. Its size is about 7.5% to 15% of the size of construction industry. Since, in 2010-11, the size of construction industry was about Rs 330,000 Crore the size of the plumbing industry was about Rs 33,000 Crore (considering 10% of the total size of construction industry).

Manpower requirement for the plumbing industry is about 2.5% of manpower requirement in the construction industry. Currently, 33 million people employed in construction industry. Hence, around 0.8 million people are currently employed in the plumbing sector.

About 90% of the Plumbing industry workforce in India is not professionally trained. Most of the skill learning in the industry happens through unstructured, on-the job training (OJT). Lack of professionally trained plumbers is a major drawback for country's construction and related sector. The IPSC will endeavor to address these issues and bring the skill levels in our Country to World Standards.

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