LED Light Manufacturing & Repair- Gram Jyoti

“GramJyoti is a venture of Aadit Systems”, which specializes in the manufacturing of innovative next-generation LED lighting solutions that improve lighting-quality, improve efficiency and enhance the environment through reduced energy consumption. Its mission is to equip, empower and enable people for a better living.

GramJyoti will like to change their perception by enhancing the skills and knowledge about LED lighting solutions and enable them in the field of employment and income generating activities by providing them support in manufacturing of LED lighting solutions at home.

Aadit Systems will like to change their perception by enabling the skill to learn on how to make a LED lighting solutions at home thereby improving rural household socio-economic condition. Entrepreneurship Development and sustainable Livelihood by Aadit Systems will endeavor to enable rural entrepreneurship by providing with necessary support from Government agencies or corporate funds.

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