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India is a developing country there are a lot of places that still need the teachers for Vocational Training Programme at the schools, colleges, institute especially, in rural area. In this project, we aim to help the rural youth to have a chance to meet the experienced & skilled working professional. By sending the volunteers to the rural area far away from cities, we hope that the basic education in countryside especially the technical skills will be improved step by step. And by this way, the local students will have a greater chance to improve their skill development training programmes.

Volunteer Workcamps

With the aim to help the local community and vulnerable group through education, Aadit Systems has been conducting the volunteer workcamp program to meet our mission. In this program, Aadit Systems run variety of voluntary projects focused on the rural area, orphanage centers, street children schools for skill development. By working directly with the local community and vulnerable group, volunteer will help them with non-formal education and other activities, bring them a chance to get new skills for their life and career in the near future. With long term supporting in education program; Aadit Systems hope to bring them a brighter life for who received our help.

Our volunteers contribute in a wide variety of ways. They select scholars, write the technical or non technical content/training material, mentor students, raise money, plan events, work on national initiatives, and more. Regardless of the activity, our volunteers work together as a team to make a difference.

We value our volunteers’ time and effort, and we provide our volunteers with opportunities to expand their perspectives, skill sets, and networks. You can make a difference. Enrich the lives of students by becoming a volunteer in one of the following cities today:

  • Rampur (UP)
  • Bareilly (UP)
  • Moradabad (UP)
  • Bijnor (UP)
  • Pilibhit (UP)
  • Badaun (UP)
  • Haldwani (UK)
  • Nainital (UK)
  • Udham Singh Nagar (UK)
  • Pauri (UK)
  • Sri Nagar (UK)
  • Uttar Kashi (UK)


  • 1) Energetic, outgoing and friendly, with a background and interest in related area.

  • 2) Very reliable, honest, friendly and punctual

  • 3) Desire to work with children and adult visitors from diverse backgrounds, being courteous, professional, patient and respectful at all times.

  • 4) Previous experience teaching or working with children/adult

  • 5) An effective communicator, showing appropriate tact and diplomacy

  • 6) Comfortable interacting with people you don’t know, or interest in gaining this skill

  • 7) Present a professional appearance

  • 8) Able to handle multiple functions effectively, in varying environments (outdoor, indoor, noisy, crowded, quiet, etc.)

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